Bus stops

All bus stops at a glance

  • Luxembourg, P&R Bouillon
  • Luxembourg, Central Station/Gare Central *
  • Luxembourg, airport
  • Trier, main station
  • Thalfang, bus stop next to B327
  • Morbach, central bus station
  • Frankfurt-Hahn airport
  • Simmern, hospital
  • Ingelheim, station
  • Mainz, main station
  • Frankfurt Flughafen, long-distance coach parking P36
  • Frankfurt, main station

* No more service after 01 April 2019.

Please notice, you can find our buses stop at Frankfurt airport at the bus stop at the long-distance-coach parking P36. From terminal 2: please use the free terminal bus between to P36 or the skyline to terminal 1 and follow from there the signage P36/long-distance coaches. Terminal 1 is located in walking distance