Comfort & service

Our modern bus fleet offers high comfort for your relaxed bus journey.

There is also enough space for your luggage in our busses:  Simply store it in the generous luggage compartment and stretch out your legs. Our friendly drivers will be glad to assist you with storing your luggage. Further details can be found in our conditions of carriage.

Get yourself comfortable: Our comfortable seats are equipped with adjustable back rests. Get on board and travel towards your holiday totally relaxed.

Travelling with us is not only safe, but also environmentally friendly. Thanks to their low energy consumption, our busses produce lower CO2 emissions in comparison to travel by train or car.

Relaxed from start to finish. Toilets can be found on nearly all of our coaches, available for use on even the shortest of journeys.

We hope you enjoy travelling with us. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, please let us know. This can only help us improve our services. Please send us an e-mail to