Lost property

If you have lost or forgotten something in one of our busses, we would like to help you at the following service address:

By mail: Bohr Omnibus GmbH
An der Kreisstraße 2
55483 Lautzenhausen

By e-mail: lostandfound@bohr.de

Please try to describe the lost item as accurately as possible, name the date and route you were travelling and provide a contact address where we can reach you.

Please understand that we cannot give any information about lost property by telephone.

Lost property will be handed in by the driver in our lost property office (see above) at the end of the service. It may therefore take some time until the lost property is registered in our system and we can provide information about it.
Lost property is usually kept for six weeks.

Broken, worn, dirty, damp or perishable items will not be stored but disposed of for hygienic and economic reasons.

Lost property for which no owner can be identified will be disposed of in accordance with environmental and data protection laws after the above-mentioned periods.